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Instant Messaging

The tool allows website visitors to connect with the plumbing & HVAC business owner instantly via messaging feature and alerts the office to contact the lead.

Increase Conversion

Lead Genius streamlines lead generation with instant messaging, and automated follow-up, helping businesses increase website conversion rates and drive growth.

Automated Follow-up

The tool automatically follows up with visitors who have shown interest in the business, providing them with additional information and nudging them toward a sale.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Genius provides lead nurturing functionality, enabling plumbers to build relationships with leads over time and increase their chances of conversion or next time service.

Never Miss a Lead Again

With Lead Genius, plumbers will never miss a lead again. The tool offers features such as lead capture forms, lead tracking and management, and automated lead notifications. Plumbers can customize the tool to fit their specific needs, ensuring that they capture every lead that comes their way.

Automation Built for You

Once a lead is captured, Lead Genius Automation takes over to connect and close the lead. If they don't convert then it nurtures them for the future through automated lead nurturing, and follow-up emails allowing businesses to build relationships with leads and increase conversion rates.

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