SEO Team Manager Position

The Position

SEO Team Managers are responsible for overseeing the optimization of web content for our agency clients. The Local SEO Team Manager responsibilities include managing the seo team to provide best results for our clients. Train the team on SEO methods that will be implemented. Conduct SEO team meetings and planning the pathway for each client project. Implementing the plan for each SEO project and making sure the team meets the deadlines. Taking on major SEO clients projects and being responsible for increasing web traffic and improving site structure, in addition to measuring and reporting on SEO performance.

To be successful as an SEO Team Manager you must be willing to keep abreast of industry innovations and trends.



About the Company

We are on a mission to help 300 plumbing shops to achieve their aspirations. We are dedicated to the highest quality service with a commitment to excellence.

We are a digital agency that takes pride in attracting high quality team members who are dedicated to providing the highest quality service.  We take personal responsibility for all our outcomes. Everything we do, we do with a commitment to excellence.  We believe in continuous improvement and serving others.  We are team players and we  support each other in being the best. Together we all win.  

digital marketing strategy for plumbers

Core Values

As we grow as a company and organization we look forward to maintaining our vision and values and uphold them to the highest standards. We want to build an environment where our team players get excited about winning. Not just winning at what they do as an individual but winning as an organization, as a team, as a culture, and most importantly – WINNING AT LIFE.

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